Albright College is a residential, liberal arts college located in Reading, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1856, the College seeks to inspire and educate the scholar and leader in each student, building on a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences and a commitment to the best of human values, fostering a commitment to a lifetime of service and learning.

Albright seeks students who have the capacity and the desire to be engaged members of a supportive and caring learning community. In turn, we prepare them to be exceptionally successful in navigating an increasingly complex and uncertain world characterized by continuous and dramatic change.

Under the guidance of a talented, dedicated faculty with a deep commitment to teaching, we are proud to offer an integrative learning experience that synthesizes theory with practice and promotes critical thinking and effective self-expression. Our curriculum is rooted in a liberal arts and sciences tradition whose value continues to prove itself, starting with a new general education curriculum that provides students a common set of skills that foster personal fulfillment, professional success and engaged citizenship.

The hallmark of an Albright education is its strong interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to learning, supplemented by numerous opportunities for internships, research with faculty, community service, and other ways to test classroom knowledge in the real world. Our unique January Interim term allows students to complete coursework and engage in travel, intensive research, artistic endeavors, and service learning between the fall and spring semesters. We strongly encourage students to discover and design their own academic programs, and more than 60 percent of graduates complete co-majors comprising more than 150 combinations.

Our enrollment is 1,700 traditional day students from 26 states and 18 other countries, who are studying to earn bachelor’s degrees in more than 50 programs of study, including numerous well-integrated professional programs. We also offer a master’s degree in education. A thriving adult learning division, one of the oldest in the region, offers degree start and degree completion programs at ten locations in Pennsylvania.

One of 93 colleges and universities affiliated with the United Methodist Church, we are a multi-faith and multicultural community that eagerly welcomes students, faculty, and staff to full membership regardless of faith, background, or nationality. More than a third of our undergraduate population comes from racially or ethnically diverse backgrounds, and this diversity is a prized aspect of the Albright community. We value each individual for his or her distinctive gifts and work to help our students reach their full potential.

We have a distinguished history of leadership in undergraduate science education, premedical study, and preparation for careers in health services. This legacy was furthered in 2011 with the completion of our 78,000-square-foot Science Center, a state-of-the-art facility that supports student-centered teaching and collaborative research under the direction of gifted scientists and scholars who are committed to undergraduate education.

Albright was recently recognized as one of the 25 best colleges in the nation for artistic students. We offer an extraordinarily broad array of curricular and co-curricular opportunities in the fine and performing arts, from our nationally recognized Domino Players theatre group to our award-winning fashion design major, from exquisite choral ensembles to arts administration, music business and digital arts programs.

In the fall of 2014, the 30,000-square-foot John K. Roessner III ’61 Hall: The Center for Business and Civic Leadership opened, bringing together the outstanding Department of Business, Economics & Business and Department of Political Science to foster technologically assisted collaborative and experiential learning for students with a vocation to business, politics and civic engagement.

More than 90 percent of traditional undergraduates live on or near campus as engaged members of an inclusive, supportive, 24/7 living-learning community. Numerous and varied student groups, including honor societies, clubs and organizations of all types, and a variety of affinity houses, contribute to this environment and offer opportunities for leadership and service. Thirty percent of undergraduates participate in the College’s 23 NCAA Division III programs, where the overall quality of the educational experience and the successful completion of all students’ academic programs are priorities.

The College’s distinctive curriculum, unique environment and commitment to diversity prepare our students well for successful careers and advanced study as well as the capacity to meet the unpredictable challenges of a rapidly changing world. More than 150 years old yet ever-new, the Albright experience grows in value over time. We hope you will visit out campus to see for yourself.